Project Description

Art: A Standard We Must Not Ignore

At a 6-month Artist Residency Program through MOCHA (Museum of Children’s Art), 4th-grade teachers brainstormed about the best way to integrate various art projects into the social studies curriculum. Students were studying the various regions of California (coastal, desert, and mountain).

These teachers, under the guidance of a MOCHA artist-in-residence, took their ideas back to the classroom. Art skills were taught first, and students learned how to mix colors through the color wheel. They then created landscapes using oil pastel and mixed the colors to achieve the effect for each student’s chosen region. Finally, students added the appropriate plants and animals to their respective regions. In addition, classroom teachers learned about using art materials to support their class studies, going forward. This project is intended to be an on-going and integral part of the Bridges Academy’s 4th grade social studies curriculum.