Chapter 510: Creative Writing, Bookmaking, and Publishing

at Westlake Middle School

Funded in Partnership with John Kikuchi and Debra Coggins, the Oakland Rotary Community Service Committee, and the dedicated AOK Community

Chapter 510 is partnering with Westlake Middle School to provide writing and bookmaking classes for Westlake’s  6th, 7th, and 8th grade English Language Learning students. Chapter 510 will work with approximately 30 students every school day from Aug 10-May 25. Students will learn about various forms of fiction writing with the goal of writing their own stories, which will be published in a bound, illustrated anthology. In addition to fiction writing, students will engage in hands-on bookmaking, letterpress printing, and other book art-related skills to deepen their connection to the literary arts. Adding to the positive experience, these classes will take place in the beautiful new Westlake Writers Room that Chapter 510 helped build in the school.

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