Living Jazz Children’s Project: World Rhythms

at Burkhalter Elementary

Living Jazz is bringing  their Living Jazz Children’s Project: World Rhythms percussion classes to Burkhalter Elementary’s 3 classrooms of K-2 students throughout the spring. This school still has 3 SPED classrooms that need arts education, but all other Burkhalter students now have the advantage of in-school arts education every week!

Living Jazz’s World Rhythms program is designed to expose young students to the cultural underpinnings of jazz while teaching music fundamentals in the context of social justice and cultural diversity. Through simple body percussion rhythms (hambone) and eventually complex polyrhythms and techniques for conga drums, agogo bells, maracas and other instruments, students learn to feel rhythm—the foundation of all music learning—within their own bodies and work as part of a team to produce a unified sound.

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