Project Description

Manzanita SEED: After-School Music Classes

The Manzanita SEED After-School Program is a series music classes in which students will learn to play and perform Spanish and English songs with the ukulele and Andean panpipes (bamboo flutes). The school acquired these instruments during the 2013 school year and introduced them into the choir program. Students were enamored with the instrument instruction and requested more support in learning and developing the skills necessary to play ukuleles and panpipes.

The music classes are a natural evolution of the bilingual choir program, funded by OFFTA (AOK) in 2011. In 2012, students in the bilingual choir wrote and performed songs in Spanish and English. The goal was to develop performance/confident skills, develop positive character traits, and learn music and choir skills. The program culminated in two performances for their families and community members. The choir introduced musical instruments ukuleles and Andean pipes to accompany the choir. Students learned to play the instruments and performed the songs at a concert for family and community members.

Bilingual Choir Images

Uke Program Images