Project Description

MOCHA: Artist-in-Schools

MOCHA’s Artist-in-Schools is a 16-week in-school for grades K-5 led by a MOCHA (Museum of Children’s Art) Teaching Artist.

In this program, students explored a range of age-appropriate artistic techniques and styles in lessons that were tied to school curricula and state standards for the visual arts. Lessons included recycled building communities, African American portrait quilts, Mexican clay animal pinch pits, and Japanese fish kites.

The impact on students opened up new avenues for creativity and expression, engaged at-risk students, and provided teachers with innovative ways to integrate arts-based learning with core subject areas like critical thinking, vocabulary and literacy skills, and science skills. The program helps students increase their appreciation, knowledge, and understanding of visual arts; develop strong academic, creative, personal and social skills through hands-on arts learning experience; gain confidence and self-esteem; gain an appreciation of visual artworks; and gain knowledge and respect for diverse cultures.

Schools included:  Jefferson Elementary (2001) Urban Promise Academy (2002) Rise Community School (2006) New Highland Academy (2006) Emerson Elementary (2008) Esperanza Elementary (2013, 2014, 2015)