AOK’s 6th Annual Crab Fest!

Our Crab Fest is back and we are so excited to be able to crack crab with you again! Tickets are $100 and all proceeds will immediately fund grants for arts education. Your delicious evening will directly result in the Arts Advantage for Oakland's kids! To keep everyone as safe as possible, proof of [...]


Sally Landis Looks Back at AOK’s 25 Years: Jan 2022

We're humbled, once again, by the generosity of the AOK community. Thank you for your year-end outpouring of support for this community-funded effort. There are currently 22 AOK grant recipients teaching arts education in 28 Oakland public schools; they are reaching 2,400 students with the life-changing power of a consistent arts education. Those 2,400 Oakland [...]


Major Strategy Shift: Nov 2021

For the last few years, we’ve talked with you at parties, in letters, and on social media about our plans for the Arts Justice Initiative. Your support and enthusiasm have meant the world; thank you! Today we’re writing to update you on an exciting shift in our strategy for the Arts Justice Initiative that will [...]


Change Your World

"Arts education enables children from a financially challenged background to have a more level playing field with children who have had those enrichment experiences." -Eric Cooper, National Urban Alliance for Effective Education Our world will be changed for the better when every [...]

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