Junior Center: Connecting Kids to Visual Arts: Laying the Groundwork for Young Learners

at Carl B. Munck Elementary School

Funded in partnership with Gary Knecht & Squeak Carnwath, Mike White & Sally Landis, and the AOK Community.

Junior Center of Art and Science (JCAS) is providing 16 weeks of visual arts classes to 100 students in all four of Carl B. Munck’s TK – 1st-grade classrooms. Students will be introduced to a diverse sampling of contemporary artists and will engage in hands-on drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture. This engaging class will culminate in a community showcase, allowing students to share their creations and stories with friends, family, and the greater school community. This program at Carl B. Munck is the continuation of classes that were started by JCAS with a 2021-2022 AOK Rapid Response Fund grant.

Find out more about Junior Center of Art and Science at www.JuniorCenter.org