AOK’s Annual OUSD Arts Education Survey & Report

To help us find and reach every kid who has been denied the advantage of an arts education, in 2021, AOK conducted the first complete mapping of arts education in OUSD elementary schools.

Our goal was to determine precisely what arts education classes Oakland’s TK-5 public school students were receiving from all providers, including district teachers, arts education organizations, and independent teaching artists.

We started with elementary schools because that is the only time when students have the same schedules. By ensuring every TK-5 student has a comprehensive arts education, we can also increase the number of students who elect to participate in the arts in the upper grades, resulting in more students who have all of the advantages provided by a consistent TK-12 arts education.

Before AOK completed our research, no one had this data. AOK was in an ideal position to gather this crucial information because of our work with all providers and schools. The incredible generosity of our endowment donor also gave AOK a new and unique staffing capacity to conduct this research.

We invite you to take a look at AOK’s pictorial report that shows current offerings for each OUSD elementary school.

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